About Us


In January of 1969, Midence Representations Agency was born as a result of the purchase by Mr. Roberto Antonio Midence Wood of the Representation Agency Idiáquez where he had been working for 2 years, promoting businesses for commerce, hardware and industry in general. 

In March 2016, Mr. Roberto Antonio Midence Medina took over the management of the agency, maintaining the portfolio of services, advice and products for commerce and industry in general thanks to the experience of more than 45 years.


To contribute to the generation of profitable businesses for represented suppliers and customers worldwide for a long time, by offering only products of the highest quality and certified, at highly competitive prices, that anticipate and fully satisfy the requirements of the entire value chain. (Final consumer, customer, represented supplier and representative agency).


So be the Representation Agency recognized as a world leader by clients, suppliers and all represented groups of interest, related to the company's activity, by creating shared values as a fundamental basis for doing business.


Honesty:Doing what is right and proper, where words harmonize 100% with actions executed or to be executed.
Integrity:Be transparent
Trust:Personal relationships based on trust and mutual respect. This means aligning facts with words, listening to different opinions and communicating them openly and sincerely.
Confidentiality:The information of clients and companies represented will not be transmitted to anyone.
Respect:Respect all our clients with their cultural diversity, race and religion.
Collaboration:Strengthen the resources of the clients with talks, seminars and follow-up.
Responsibility:Accountability for our actions or lack of them.
Diligence:Perform the work with discipline, speed and excellence.
Fidelity:Towards the values, policies and agreements of our company and the groups of the chain of businesses. This being the fundamental way to generate long-term business
Passion:Make a difference in everything we do thanks to the passion and dedication to do our job well.
Diversity:Have a wide portfolio of products and services
Quality:Search for excellence through continuous improvement.
Learning:Based on our experience and results, we learn from what worked and what did not.